What I buy: Coconut… the good oil

I have tried many different brands of coconut oil and I like some more than others… for different reasons. It has taken a while but I’ve settled on two that I really enjoy using and here is why.

Spiral Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a beautiful fragrant oil. I use it for raw foods as well as cooking. It has the smell and taste of the tropics and adds a wonderful aromatic quality to your food. Great for cooking as well as using on your skin or in your hair. This oil is not refined maintaining the coconut aromas and flavours.
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Spiral Organic Virgin Coconut oil is not as aromatic and better suited for cooking especially if you do not want to get the benefits of coconut oil without altering the flavour of the food you are preparing. This oil is refined therefore losing some of the tropical aromas and flavours making it more versatile for food preparation.
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I am not sponsored by Spiral Organic foods… I just like their product.

It can be found online or at Woolworth stores.