Focus on what you can eat

It can be really overwhelming to take in all of the foods you have to now avoid… for life! It’s especially stressful when you  have several food allergies and a lot of foods are now literally off the table.

It is important to keep a list of all of the foods you are allergic to and make sure your nearest and dearest are aware of your culinary limitations. However, it is just as important to make a list of what you CAN eat. Until you do this it can seem as if you cannot eat anything.

Simply changing your focus from the negative to the positive can really turn things around. Don’t just eat steak, peas and carrots… eat lamb chops with avocado with cucumber and tomatoes one day and gluten free sausages with cabbage salad with nuts and goats cheese the next. Once you start looking into alternatives you will open up a new and exciting world of food that is good for you.

Practice this technique: Every time you think of one thing you cannot eat, write down 5 than you can. It seems very simple but it will really turn you around to seeing possibilities rather than road blocks.

Then you can look at the list of foods you can eat and see what goes together. This can be a great way to come up with new recipes or figure out how to modify some old favourites. You cannot control what you are allergic or intolerant to but you can modify your focus 🙂