Veggies & Cheese on Toast

It can be hard to get the motivation to cook up a meal for one or two on the weekend… a mountain of food allergies doesn’t make it any easier.

I will quite often rain the veggie drawer and see what I can muster up. One great challenge can be finding a bread that you can eat and also enjoy.

I will write a post in the coming weeks about the fantastic bread I store in my freezer like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter.

While cows milk is really bad for me I can eat small amounts of sheep’s milk products and heaps of goats milk products – super lucky for a cheese lover.

While this is not exactly a recipe… ideas can be hard to come by for the produce challenged. A few times a week I will fry up some veggies (whatever looks like it needs to be cooked sharpish), chuck in some garlic, salt and pepper to taste and throw on top of some nicely toasted buckwheat toast. I usually keep some good quality bacon in the freezer and cook this up for a tasty salt hit. I love throwing on a good amount of cheese. In this case it wasĀ Manchego cheese (a cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of sheep of the Manchega breed) which unlike most goats cheeses actually melts.

This quick and easy meal can easily be adapted for your non allergic mates by using normal bread for them and/or chucking a boiled egg on top of theirs.

It can take a bit of inertia to start cooking but once you get going and it’s as quick as frying up some veggies, grilling some bacon and chucking it on a piece of toast it’s worth getting started.

The next time you’re trawling the fridge for something to eat pull out your fry pan and have a go šŸ™‚