Cecilia Timm Non-Celebrity Rider

Sometimes it’s hard to know wether or not to tell people about your food allergies. When you’re new to an allergy ruled life you might feel as if it’s rude to tell people you might not be able to eat their food. In reality, time and experience has showed me that people get much more upset by not being told. You might be ok with skipping lunch but it leaves the host feeling horrible that you could not eat at their event.

In an attempt to find a light hearted solution I have published my own Non-Celebrity Rider on facebook and twitter so that anyone and everyone knows my eating limitations. I can send it to someone who has invited me over for tea and they can make appropriate arrangements so that everyone at the table can partake in communal munchies.

When I first found out about the extent of my allergies I was overwhelmed so I can only imagine how others might feel at the prospect of serving me a plate of food. To help reduce their anxiety I decided to include some serving suggestions 🙂

Cecilia Timm
Non-Celebrity Rider

eggs • dairy • gluten • yeast • soy • cranberry • almond • citrus • ginger

crab • oats • white rice • potato • pumpkin • sugary foods • sugar • high carb foods • alcohol

brown rice • quinoa • sweet potato • cauliflower • broccoli • carrots •avocado • veggies (except for potato & pumpkin) • lentils • coconut sugar • coconut • cashews • walnuts • brazil nuts • natural peanut butter • raw honey • brown rice syrup • agave nectar • chicken • lamb • pork • beef (not aged or frozen) • fish (salmon, flathead, john dory, ocean trout, blue-eyed cod, snapper, whiting) • falafel • hummus • plain corn chips • plain rice crackers • olive oil • goat milk cheese • sheep milk cheese • pana chocolate • loving earth chocolate • berries • rice milk

grilled chicken with brown rice and vegetables • fish with quinoa and steamed vegetables • brown rice cakes with natural peanut butter and raw honey • bean and green goats cheese salad with smoked salmon • hummus with carrot, celery and carrot sticks + plain corn chips • gluten free falafel with hummus and avocado salad • fresh berries with nut pana chocolate • rice milk coffee with 1 natvia sugar