With a bit of a backlash against gluten free individuals and a rash of phony allergy sufferers out there muddying the water for the truly allergic, there is a new brand of humour on the horizon. It seems that bagging out the dietarily challenged is the new black.

I do love this one though… Quinoa (Instructions For Tossers) LOL. Funnily enough, Jane the author isn’t anti-quinoa at all, she eats it all the time. She made up this packet for a friend to get a laugh and it went viral.

Regardless of your allergy or health status, the best medicine in life is to laugh. Cheers Jane for the chuckle.

Quinoa (Instructions For Tossers) @janeprinsep

This was posted by Jane Prinsep on her blog and you can follow her on twitter.

Now go and make some quinoa 🙂 Here are the polite instructions and also some information about quinoa and why it’s sooo good for you.