EPIC 3×3 Combo Pack: 3 x Advent Calendars + 3 x Card Packs



Keep all of the kids busy with this EPIC Combo pack!

You get 3 x Advent Calendar (75 Illustrations in total) + 3 x Card Packs (18 Christmas Cards). This pack saves you 19%!!!

Colouring 4 Christmas: Christmas Cards with a difference!

These unique cards are a great way to personalise your Christmas greetings this festive season. Share the love with a card that’s just that little bit different!
Colour-in each card in your own unique style: use pencils, textas or crayons and make them your own. Colour inside or outside the lines… get creative.

Colouring 4 Christmas: An Advent Calendar with a difference!

This is a great way to count down the days to Christmas + stay creative in the holiday season. Have fun bringing these drawings to life with pencils, crayons, textas or let your imagination run wild.
Each illustration measures 16cm square and the final wall hanging of 5 across and 5 down measures 80cm square. Once each sheet is coloured in, you can hang it on the wall with a reusable adhesive like Blu Tack or cut out each ornament to use as Christmas decorations.

Have fun and get creative this Christmas 🙂

Additional information

Weight 0.528 kg
Dimensions 22.8 × 17 × 3.6 cm